Golden touch


This Golden touch editorial was continuous to the no makeup makeup beauty session, I added some steps to create this bronze goldish look. 

1- I emphasized the contour on the forehead, under the cheekbones and the jawline.

2- I added golden highlight on the cheekbones, middle of the forehead, the chin and the nose.

3- I added a golden pigment from MAC cosmetics to the eyelid and the lips.


As a change, we kept the hair slick to the sides at Sonia Glo Salon. And I kept the skin glow although I did a nice amount of coverage for the photoshoot.


This beautiful result wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful model with her amazing skin and the perfect lighting that added some drama to the look, I asked the one and only Zaki to share with us his tricks about photography aspect of it.


For this beauty shoot, I wanted the light to be 'hotter', more 'direct' & controlled. I used a snoot with a grid for the main light, and a softbox for fill light. That was a creative choice to help imphasize the golden colors on the lips and eyeshadow.


Lens choice was similar to the previous beauty shoot, a 70 - 200mm lens at around 135mm to get a decent compression, and a high aperature value to get more of the Aurora in focus.


That’s it for today. Hope this was informative!     

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