The photos are finally here!


It's time for us to share with you the photoshoot we had for the amazing twins Rand and Shahd "retro picnic by the river".


How did we get everything ready for the shoot?

We had more than one look in mind that we discussed with the twins and decided on the one they felt loved the most.


It took us an entire week to assemble all the accessories and props needed for the photoshoot; most important of all the dresses!


We prepared all the snacks for the picnin one night ahead of the photoshoot.


Since the early morning we did the twins' hair and make up at Sonia Glow Salon. We went for a 50s inspired retro look to go with the dresses and the photoshoot theme.


Zaki and Diana arrived at the location to prepare the setting.

It was extremely hot and humid that day; we had to complete the photoshoot in a snap to keep hair and makeup under control in these conditions.


Shooting the twin was so much fun... we loved their chemistry and their humor.


We shot in a public park during the day, and we were amazed by the number of compliments we recieved on the spot from passers by! we hope that you would love the photoshoot as much as they did.

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