No Makeup - Makeup 



OMG!!! I am so EXCITED to share with you my first beauty editorial! 


Since I got known or actually criticized for my no makeup-makeup touch, I loved to start my beauty editorial series with this soft makeup look that represents my style!


To get my no makeup- makeup look:


I used contouring products all over the contoured areas of the face including the eyes, to keep the skin tones looking even. 


I added a pop of rusted pink blush to the cheeks, lips and the eye crease. I used inside the eyes a nude pencil to keep it clean. I shaped the brows well and defined the eyes with my fave Remshi lashes number 5 Yasmin!


Our focus was on the model’s skin so we kept the hair slick to the back at Sonia Glo Salon. And I kept the skin glow although I did a nice amount of coverage for the photoshoot. I used mostly matte products with a touch of creamy highlight on the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, chin and lips. 


I am so in love and proud of this photoshoot! And this beautiful result wouldn’t be the same without the beautiful model with her amazing skin and the perfect lighting, I asked the one and only Zaki to share with us his tricks about photography aspect of it.


From a photography point of view, I approached this editorial with the mindset that Sonia, our talented Makeup Artist, is my client. Many of the creative choices I took were based on her vision, & creative direction. Prior to the shoot, it was clear to me she envisioned the final images to be contrast-y.


Beauty photography in general relies in its foundation on 4 important factors; a model with great skin, clean makeup job, great light & the right choice of lens. Luckily, our model of choice, Aurora, has perfect skin … and Sonia did a perfect job with the makeup. Thank you Aurora & Sonia!!  :)


Next on our list is light, contrast is the key word here. I needed a light setup that would provide hard yet beautiful light & eventually went with a clamshell studio setup. However, in my setup, the main light was a small light source while the fill light was a softbox (to smoothen the shadows a bit and maintain the details in the shadows). I also added some low powered studio lights on both sides behind Aurora for some extra separation & rim lighting.


As for the lens choice, anything between 100mm to 300mm is ideal depending on the space you are working within. In my case, I opted for a 70-200mm lens (zoomed at 135mm), and shot at apertures ranging between f7 & f12 (which gave me sufficient depth of field).


That’s it for today. Hope this was informative!      

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